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private sessions with toby

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toby has for 18yrs provided therapeutic programs for people with the following health issues:

cancer, leukemia, emphysema, chronic fatigue, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, fibro myalgia, myasthenia gravis, anxiety, stress, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, parkinson disease, chrones disease, ibs, asperger syndrome, sciatica, concussion, pregnancy, menopause
, psoriasis... and countless muscular and joint injuries... including working with children.

private sessions with toby involve an analysis of relevant issues/problems and then a practical approach for solutions. the sessions are focused and direct - we use specific techniques and tools, immediately. Participants go away with a range of therapeutic practices to try at home. as always - these sessions are motivated to cut through obstacles and produce real and lasting results.this involves the participant being ready to take action and create change.

depending on the issue, treatments include therapeutic stretching, breath training, deep relaxation therapy and meditation techniques. Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

for a  one-on-one with toby,
call 0432 921 818.

cost - $60 per hour (cash only).

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please note:
we have 3 cats in our centre, who are very relaxed. but some people may have cat allergies, so this centre may not be suitable. apologies if that is so.
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