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we run many workshops at land of yoga and all are designed to suit beginners.

the aim is to offer tools for health and happiness... a development of awareness as well as an improvement in understanding of yoga and one's own mind.
upcoming workshops will be listed on the home page.

Also, if there is a fair expression of interest in one of the workshops, we will do it more regularly - so if you'd like to do one then let us know:

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urban retreat

Confidence the key to confidence tba
slowing down time wed
13th nov
ANX yoga for anxiety coming
DEP yoga for depression tba
DEP meditation tba
Breathe the art of breathing tba
Energy kundalini yoga tba
ZEN zen trance tba

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please note:
we have 3 cats in the centre, who are very relaxed. but some people may have cat allergies, so this centre may not be suitable. apologies if that is so.
Toby Buttercup Carmela Mathilda Clem
toby buttercup carmela mathilda clementine


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