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may 24th 2019

hi everyone :)

it's warm in the centre now and the cats are sitting next to each heater :)
we're focusing on good health practices especially as we approach winter and the 'sickness season'.
it's a good time to keep the body loose and energised and the mind clear and also well rested.

many people show signs of fatigue now due to work and other stresses -
that's why vigilance is required to maintain balance and composure.
that's what meditation is all about: taking time to settle, recharge, and re-focus.

we're doing this every day at land of yoga ;)

Sundays change to the sunday class

the 10am sunday 2hr class will now be considered 'advanced yoga'. not advanced in terms of physical difficulty - just a more mature apporach to the mind-based aspects of yoga

for years now we have had a regular group of participants, working together on our personal yoga practice. this class includes discussion, deliberate practical and theoretical learning, on a more advanced level than 'just stretching' or relaxation-type yoga. we focus on sharing our personal experience as we try to develop the tools, particularly breath-work and meditation.

this is a class for people who want to become part of a group, who want to take their practice to a new level. it's not about zoning out or drifting off. in this class we are focused on personal and spiritual development - and engaging.
all are welcome and we'd love new members to join our close group :)

suits any level
10am - 12
cost $15


free meditation downloads!

toby has for years been writing and recording a full meditation and breath-work training program, which is now finally available on-line for free. we used to sell these for $5 each, but we prefer that people have access to them for free, so that it is easier for people to try... we just want more people to meditate, more often :)

these sessions are part of an 18 part series: path to enlightenment
this is a full step-by-step easy-to-learn training of the basic and advanced principals of yogic meditation, how to understand each step of the way, and how to use simple tools to develop your mind and awareness.

now available on itunes, the series is also available on spotify, googlepodcasts, and at
just search for "Land of Yoga" on these platforms.

please try them. any feedback will be welcome, thank you.


the amazing calendar training method

this is an ongoing study into setting up your own meditation practice.
see how i developed my own routine, and then try your own!
month one (january)
the beginning was simply about trying to learn new things, meditate more, open and expand myself more.
the keys were: intention, making of commitment. organising myself. then taking action.

month two
this month was about expanding from the original idea, into something even more exciting and more committed. the practice grew... my confidence grew... and the results boomed!

month three (march)
you can easily see from this 3rd month how much momentum my practice has gained. I'm doing ten times more than my original intention, which of course feels great. now it's all about consolidation - continuing on the pathway, going further, and sticking to the commitment with a broader view.
one thing i've become more mindful of is addressing the days where i can look back in the calendar and see a slippage... some patterns where i regularly miss practice. Then i can decide to make extra effort on these days :)

month four (april)
this was the most telling month so far: i got to a point where i was pushing too much, and i got exhausted and even sick for a few days. i started dropping, subconsciously telling myself i needed to take a break.
it was good to recognise this tendency to drive the practice too hard. i lost perspective, partly through excitement and enthusiasm, partly through a deeper urge to get free fast. i should know by now that a more temperate approach is the wiser way.
having learned this, i backed off and settled into a more comfortable rhythm. the motivation was still there, and i could renew my approach without the urgency. (i learned that i need to stop being short-term-minded, and to let space for things to grow naturally)

the next month
will be about observation - i don't know how it will go, so it's foolish to place expectations. i've learned to just keep going day-by-day and see where things end up. the practice is strong, but it doesn't need to be burdened. i just need to have the awareness of my intention to keep practising, to keep growing. things will take shape of their own accord, and i'll understand things after that.


thursday breath class

toby runs this session.

breath-work is the quickest practical way to open up change in the body and mind. the yogic tools of 'pranayama' range from very basic, to very advanced. most people know the breath is important, but few understand the real implications of what this means.

this session suits any level - it's ideal for those with anxiety because it is deeply relaxing (and freeing). it's ideal to unlock all mental health conditions. it's a gateway to deeper meditation.

give it a try?

thursdays 6.15-7.15pm drop-in sessions cost $10

suits all levels. no bookings required.


thinking about the future

the future is a made-up story. it's an idea that looms ominously over our mind and comes heavily-laden with pressure. either it is scary and something to worry about, or something hopeful that will give us freedom or happiness or success.

most of us worry about it, and try to control it. we hang our hopes on the future and use it in all our planning.

yet we have no idea how long we will live for!
we make many assumptions about the future
yet we have no way of knowing if these things will pan out the way we expect!

catch yourself out, saying things like: "i'll see you next week'... or "i'll be back soon"...
or "i'll do it on friday"... or "next year we'll do this", etc...

talking about the future is classic delusion. it's almost always a waste of time. if our mind is so engaged in an imaginary world of expectation, then it really has become distracted. meanwhile, the present is constantly slipping by.

parent's devote so much anxiety to the topic of the future, suffocating the minds of their children...
people work all year hoping they can make it to their end-of-year holiday...
almost everyone buys insurance because we are worried about the future...
everything we hold can be lost and so we fear losing things...
anxiety is more about the future than the present...

plus we devote ourselves to stories of the past.
rarely do we absorb the present moment with actual psychological freedom and 'presence of mind'.

if we don't recognise this in ourselves, time will move very quickly. years will fly by and we'll die before we know it. that's why it's best to meditate every day:

 stop. stop. stop.
 wait. breathe.
 see how your mind is jumping forwards or running from the past.
see how this is madness.
see how untamed it is.


ayurveda and yoga are sister and brother - just like chinese medicine and tai chi.
we're not accustomed in 'the west' to relate diet with body and mind, but in eastern tradition that's pretty-much always been the way.

westerners are opening their minds to new models of health - particularly from china and japan - but still most people don't know much about ayurveda, even though there's a huge interest in yoga.

ayurveda focuses upon complimentary health - understanding one's body- and mind- type, and using foods which will work with that rather than against that. the 3 body types are classified as "vata", "pitta" and "kapha". usually you'd find you are one of these three. it might be worth finding out which one you classify as.

an ayurvedic pratitioner is much like a doctor, who will also be like a counselor. they will place high value on your emotional and psychological factors as much as your practical and physical aspects.

it's really worth giving ayurveda a try. you may find out you've been eating unsuitable foods for years :)
how's your diet?


book club

avadhutta gita
by dattatreya


"(1:17) there is only one infallible antidote for the terrible poison of worldliness which produces the coma of delusion - and that is the innate ambrosia of Brahman.

(1:20) knowledge related to the outer world is false. true knowledge dawns within (in the pure mind). realise Brahman, which is the inner-most of the inner self. it is like water (milk) within the kernel of the coconut.

(3:7) Know it for certain that the sense organs and the sense objects are like clouds in the sky. realise the shining one as neither bound nor free. i am existence-knowledge-bliss and boundless as space.
(3:34) why do you weep, my friend? for you there is neither decrepitude nor death; for you there is neither birth nor nor misery. why do you weep, my friend? for you there is no disease or modification. i am existence-knowledge-bliss and boundless as space."

this book is not well known, though i consider it perhaps the 2nd most important yogic text. it comes from the school of 'advaita vedanta' - the field of non-duality. it comes from the 'upanishads' era.

it's so beautiful because it is the song of the 'ever-free'. it explains so simply that you just need to let go of all your fears. freedom and bliss are your natural right - you just need to stop making up dualistic stories about yourself and your world! it's a beautiful book of poetry, very gentle and kind. it pleads to you: why are you worrying? you
are already free!!!

we've got a couple copies of it left at land of yoga for $5


hatha yoga: pick a pose

the anti-arthritic cycle

this is a perfect series to practice as the weather turns cold... and especially during winter. the main focus here is on circulation: rotating and bending the joints, loosening all the related muscles, generating excellent blood-flow (around the whole body). it's the sort of practice that suits fatigue: you just sit down and build slowly; the effort is minimal, it's very restful and relaxing... gradually energy builds, as oxygen flows. all movements are tied to the breath: breathe in one way, breathe out the other. it's very simple.

many people find toe bends and finger bends are too basic, not interesting, not valuable. but every part of the body needs to be attended to - to stimulate all parts of the brain. many people find this cycle too slow, not dynamic enough, not perhaps as interesting as the more popular yoga poses. it's a mistake to think like this - all poses are valuable, especially the ones we neglect. don't neglect any part of your body.

most of all, be prepared to invest time into your body, all parts of your body - and in a light way. broaden your practice. find wonder in the most simple, the most subtle. the wonder is there. slow down to find it.


new saturday afternoon class!

sat afternoons    4.00pm - 5.30pm

gentle yoga class run by jacqui. restorative hatha yoga, slow, meditative, with plenty of stretching and breathwork and meditation, yoga nidra too... suits any level. drop-in class costs $15.


we have a meditation class every wednesday night 6.15-7.15pm. cost $8.

this is the place to explore more deeply the nature of our own minds, the stresses we create for ourselves, and the simple solutions connected to awareness, clarity and letting go...


doctor qu'ac

Be your own doctor!!

Doctor Qu'ac

neti pot

most people think this hatha yoga practice is a bit weird and are very unlikely to take advantage of it. which is a pity, because personally i'd say it's one of the best tools i use every day.

like most things in yoga and meditation, people can't see the benefits before they do the work. so we underestimate - this is a classic example of that.

the neti pot is a nose/sinus wash. you use a little pot to pour water through the nose, every morning - at the same time as you do your teeth. it does more than clear your sinuses of dust - though of course it's ideal for people with allergies. the real benefit is much more subtle...

when you learn to relax the muscles in your face, the water flows more easily. it is a way to train your face to 'untighten'. you literally create space in your sinus region. this frees up the face and head - suddenly you feel much clearer in your mind. the problem here is that most people are so unaccustomed to feeling the tensions of the face, and of their mind, they simply can't detect any change occurring. so they don't think it really works. so they give up.

i'd say it took about a month of using the neti pot for me to realise that my mind had become significantly more open - i literally felt more spacious in my head. this is where we can refer to kundalini yoga - and the 'ajna' or 3rd eye chakra. it's considered the space of mental clarity and awareness.

the problem here is that most people simply don't believe this stuff. it's like talking to someone about god if they think god doesn't exist: you can't work with a mind that won't explore ideas it doesn't believe in.

this is part of the problem with the neti pot practice. i could beg people to do it every day for a year, but most simply won't believe it's worth trying, or that it's doing anything. for those lucky enough to find a way to do this every day, they'll enjoy great benefit.

be your own doctor, your own health physician, your own inspiration.

to ask doctor qua'c a question about illness or injury, email toby.


great meditation learning tool!
toby's "path to enlightenment"
guided meditation cd series

how does the mind work? how does it affect our day, our emotions, our ability to be happy, our ability to connect? what's going on? how do we get healthy? how do we unlock our past? how do we learn to manage stress and fear and insecurity?

we just need to learn about meditation, it's tools, and its logical wisdoms. we just need to practise a new way of thinking and being. This cd course explains how.

 each session goes for 60mins and is deeply relaxing. each session involves simple discussion, breath practices, meditation techniques, and rest periods. there are 18 sessions in total.

perfect for beginners and advanced as well, this takes one's mind to a whole new level of awareness and knowledge. available from the centre, for free.

available for free on-line!

to download this whole course for free, search for 'land of yoga' on itunes, spotify or google podcasts.

Path to Enlightenment


thanks everyone.
remember that meditation (like life) is all about learning

come on down to land of yoga where 7 days a week we are always practising :)


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