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july 19th 2019

hi everyone :)

we've had a month of change
and continue to meditate upon the nature of impermanence in our lives

continuing to meditate upon opening our minds

continuing to be wiser and more understanding

continuing to practice to support our intention to grow and learn...

come join us at land of yoga :)


sad news at land of yoga

many of you know buttercup - a permanent fixture on the front chair or otherwise under the heaters - we're sad to say she died this week.

we took great care to guide her all the way to the end, it was quite a special experience

thanks to those who enjoyed her company and we'll miss her in class


special 3min techniques

here are 2 excellent and completely "do-able" techniques which you could add to your day. try to do this every day for one month... then see if you discover something new...

3min breathing space:

1min: mind and emotion check. weather report on how you feel right now.
2min: abdominal breathing, small resting breath, count each one.
3min: body check. weather report on sensations, tensions, pain, cold, heat...

3min calming space:

1min: slow deep breathing, counting up and then back down, getting bigger each round
2min: abdominal breathing, small resting breath, count each one.
3min: body check in detail. head, breath, neck, breath, shoulders, breath, etc...

special tip
: there is an excellent free phone app which works really well for these practices:
Insight Timer (click here to download)

we're doing these most days in class at the centre. to learn more, come along!


special 'urban retreat'
saturday july 27th
8.30am - 5.30pm
cost: $50 (drop-in, no bookings req'd)

a chance to deepen your practice

last month's urban retreat was such a success that we've decided to run it again.

the normal saturday program runs, 3 yoga classes... and in between we will go deeper, with a strong focus on meditation - all guided by toby - as well as appropriate times for rest and lunch.

the idea of an urban retreat is that you can set your normal 'worldly dramas' aside, and put a solid block of time into investigating and developing the nature of your own mind. then you can go back home to your friends and family and see if you have new perspective... new skills...

it's not difficult. we pace ourselves comfortably. you can rest any time.

it's also great to share the experience with a group of like-minded people, in a quiet environment.

there's a feeling to be gained. you can't imagine it until you get there, at the end of the day. it comes from taking the time to practice.

no bookings required. just pay on the day. try it and see?

Sundays change to the sunday class

the 10am sunday 2hr class will now be considered 'advanced yoga'. not advanced in terms of physical difficulty - just a more mature apporach to the mind-based aspects of yoga

for years now we have had a regular group of participants, working together on our personal yoga practice. this class includes discussion, deliberate practical and theoretical learning, on a more advanced level than 'just stretching' or relaxation-type yoga. we focus on sharing our personal experience as we try to develop the tools, particularly breath-work and meditation.

this is a class for people who want to become part of a group, who want to take their practice to a new level. it's not about zoning out or drifting off. in this class we are focused on personal and spiritual development - and engaging.
all are welcome and we'd love new members to join our close group :)

- note: we are starting a book club again, looking at the buddhist teachings of 'how to be your own therapist' by lama yeshe -

suits any level
10am - 12
cost $15


more free meditation downloads!

toby has just uploaded a new meditation and breath training program called PATH Meditation

so as well as his 18 part series: path to enlightenment which can be downloaded for free on apple podcasts and spotify
there is now a new one month training course as well

this path meditation course is designed to teach from the absolute beginning, starting with just 5mins each day. it's very relaxing and educational.

to search for the new 5min course, look for 'path meditation'
to search for the 22hr longer course, look for 'land of yoga meditation'

please try them. any feedback will be welcome, thank you.


at the start of the year i wanted to try to meditate every day...

the amazing calendar training method

this is an ongoing study into setting up your own meditation practice.
see how toby developed his own routine, and then try your own!

month one (january)
the beginning was simply about trying to learn new things, meditate more, open and expand myself more.
the keys were: intention, making of commitment. organising myself. then taking action.
month two (february)
this month was about expanding from the original idea, into something even more exciting and more committed. the practice grew... my confidence grew... and the results boomed!
month three (march)
you can easily see from this 3rd month how much momentum my practice has gained. i'm doing five times more than my original intention, which of course feels great. now it's all about consolidation - continuing on the pathway, going further, and sticking to the commitment with a broader view.
one thing i've become more mindful of is addressing the days where i can look back in the calendar and see a slippage... some patterns where i regularly miss practice. then i can decide to make extra effort on these days :)
month four (april)
this was the most telling month so far: i got to a point where i was pushing too much, and i got exhausted and even sick for a few days. i started dropping my meditation sessions, subconsciously telling myself i needed to take a break.
it was good to recognise this tendency to drive the practice too hard. i lost perspective, partly through excitement and enthusiasm, partly through a deeper urge to get free fast. i should know by now that a more temperate approach is the wiser way.
having learned this, i backed off and settled into a more comfortable rhythm. the motivation was still there, and i could renew my approach without the urgency. (i learned that i need to stop being short-term-minded, and to allow space for things to grow naturally)

month five (may)
now the practice is strong. by the end of the month i was comfortably meditating every morning and night - a fantastic development considering my initial hopes at the start of the year. twice a day meditation brings great reward - so much more clarity, connectedness and awareness.
it's something i am thankful for. and i can recognise that i had to build this strength over a fair period of time.


thursday breath class

toby runs this session.

breath-work is the quickest practical way to open up change in the body and mind. the yogic tools of 'pranayama' range from very basic, to very advanced. most people know the breath is important, but few understand the real implications of what this means.

this session suits any level - it's ideal for those with anxiety because it is deeply relaxing (and freeing). it's ideal to unlock all mental health conditions. it's a gateway to deeper meditation.

give it a try?

thursdays 6.15-7.15pm drop-in sessions cost $10

suits all levels. no bookings required.


why meditate?
why meditate every day?

these seem like the never-ending questions for the modern person. we have a new western culture of doing 'eastern things', such as yoga and tai chi and meditation and mindfulness, eating slower and smaller serves, talking about managing anxiety and stress by breathing... yet where does it usually end up for most people? nowhere different. that's because few of us really understand how vital it is to meditate every day.

it's totally delusional to think that going to meditation or yoga once a week will produce real change in our lives. once a week practice is stress-release at best, and certainly not a real development of mental awareness.

and now we have a new phenomenon, of people using 'mindfulness' apps, listening to guided meditations, etc... yet still not meditating on their own, using their own mind! this is a dangerous development which disguises a huge misconception: we can't use mindfulness as entertainment. we can't use it just for relaxation.

we need to look at our own mind. we need to do the work. we need to do this ourselves.

unfortunately no-one will believe me until they actually do meditate every day for a good 6mths or more. until then, we just can't see it. we simply do not realise the cost of not doing this.

and so we go on, becoming more tired, more stressed, more anxious, more depressed, more self-absorbed, more co-dependent in our relationships, more attached to objects and money and other people... worrying more and more, stressing out our kids, screaming at each other in traffic...

and still we think we don't need to meditate... definitely not every day...

now you may not agree with me. you may not believe me. it's your mind and life and i'm just making a suggestion that to be ignorant or in denial of these ideas may be very costly. it may cause cancer. it may cause dementia. it may just keep you unhappy.

and my goal is to encourage people to have a really good look - just in case - to see what meditation could do for you if you did it every day.

(please note: this newsletter was written by toby and is not necessarily the view of other teachers at the centre)


mother nature is always right on cue, delivering us precisely the correct foods we need relative to the climate and season - that's unless we have become so sick that our body develops intolerance to what is natural.

all the root foods are fantastic right now, potatoes, turnips, leeks, brussel sprouts... plus the vitamin C of oranges, mandarins and kiwi fruits to ward off colds... apples seem great at the moment too... plus walnuts...

when i go to the nuts and grains store, or the vegetable and fruit market, i need to check that i'm getting fresh local produce as much as possible - because these are what we need to be eating.

it's ridiculous to buy pineapples or mangos from queensland!!!
how's your diet?


book club

ego, attachment and liberation
by lama yeshe

overcoming your mental bureaucracy

"it's very important to recognise that all desire, hatred and other delusions and the problems they bring come from attachment and ego. actually, of the two, it's ego that comes first. delusion starts with ego; attachment follows. how is this? the concept of ego builds a projection of "i" and paints that polluted projection with a veneer of qualities. then, when the "i" - superficial, artificial and illusory - starts looking at the pleasures of the sense world, it labels certain objects as desirable. from this, attachment arises, sticking, or clinging, to these attractive objects. this, very briefly, is the evolution of attachment.

the moment your ego says "i", you automatically identify yourself as totally separate from other atoms, other people. on the basis of this view of two different things - self and other - you automatically see "i" as the most important one.  then, with attachment, your narrow mind chooses one particular atom as a source of sense pleasure. this then makes you view all other atoms as either irrelevant or as objects of hatred. that's the way it all starts.

this book is available for free (by donation) from the mahayana buddhist centres around australia. it's so helpful, so direct and clear. usually we have to read these books more than twice to fully understand them - first you have to get used to the challenging ideas. then you have to be able to see yourself doing things you usually are oblivious to. then you can be ready to take great steps towards freedom after that. by now you recognise you need to meditate every day.


meditation tips

if you are going to meditate in the morning, it's best not to look at your phone beforehand. the great advantage of morning meditation is that your mind is quite fresh and clear after sleep. it has spent hours processing the past dramas and issues, and has taken rest. it is probably more free of distraction than at any other time of the day.

therefore, the worst thing would be to look at your phone - which brings in a flood of new ideas, concepts, all of which will send you spiralling into new thoughts, and emotional reactions.

keep it quiet. enjoy the minimal data. then have a good look at your fresh clear mind and see what it's up to :)


new saturday afternoon class!

sat afternoons    4.00pm - 5.30pm

gentle yoga class run by jacqui. restorative hatha yoga, slow, meditative, with plenty of stretching and breathwork and meditation, yoga nidra too... suits any level. drop-in class costs $15.


we have a meditation class every wednesday night 6.15-7.15pm. cost $8.

this is the place to explore more deeply the nature of our own minds, the stresses we create for ourselves, and the simple solutions connected to awareness, clarity and letting go...


doctor qu'ac

Be your own doctor!!

Doctor Qu'ac

sore knees?

the cold weather usually highlights old tensions - the ones that were never properly addressed in the past - the ones we managed but also ignored to some degree.

lots of people have aches and pains in the joints, and the modern solution is to take tablets! but in yoga we are not so lazy, not so childish :) we take responsibility to look after our body every day - helping it... listening to it... learning from it...

knees tell a really simple story: the psychosomatic tension that lies within our mind (psyche). the leg allows the body to step up and over obstacles in the way to where we want to walk. so if in life we become preoccupied with an obstacle (it could be a person, a government rule, a system, or even our own sore knee) - if we become frustrated and resistant to the obstacle... if we wish it would really go away... if we totally resist it and refuse to open our mind on being flexible with ideas... then we'll tighten in the area of the knees.

usually our frustration gets so strong that our knees get really really tight and sore (seemingly for no reason). this is where a good meditator is smart and listening to what's happening in the body.

after all, obstacle teach us about life. if we refuse to listen, we will not mature or grow. in taoism there is a great saying: "whatever is in the way, is the way"

once we learn to let go of frustration, of the pushy resistant mind that is over-reacting to a problem, we should find the knee pain disappears (seemingly for no reason at all).

be your own doctor, your own health physician, your own inspiration.

to ask doctor qua'c a question about illness or injury, email toby.


great meditation learning tool!
toby's "path to enlightenment"
guided meditation cd series

how does the mind work? how does it affect our day, our emotions, our ability to be happy, our ability to connect? what's going on? how do we get healthy? how do we unlock our past? how do we learn to manage stress and fear and insecurity?

we just need to learn about meditation, it's tools, and its logical wisdoms. we just need to practise a new way of thinking and being. This cd course explains how.

 each session goes for 60mins and is deeply relaxing. each session involves simple discussion, breath practices, meditation techniques, and rest periods. there are 18 sessions in total.

perfect for beginners and advanced as well, this takes one's mind to a whole new level of awareness and knowledge. available from the centre, for free.

available for free on-line!

to download this whole course for free, search for 'land of yoga' on itunes, spotify or google podcasts.

Path to Enlightenment


thanks everyone.
remember that meditation (like life) is all about learning

come on down to land of yoga where 7 days a week we are always practising :)


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