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April 16th 2019


We will be CLOSED on EASTER SUNDAY only.

All other classes run AS NORMAL

Hi everyone :)

We've brought heaters into the yoga room already!
I was hoping to make it to May before this happened,
but this year was a record: March 31st!

As we approach winter we have to be careful not to slip into lazy routine and any habits
which mean we will find ourselves at the end of the year either stressed or unhealthy.
The time is always Now!

Even better is to think about ways to expand yourself this year:
new healthy ideas... more meditation... learn something new... challenge yourself..?
This gives real energy to your life, excitement and adventure, staying open :)


Sat afternoons    4.00pm - 5.30pm

Gentle Yoga class run by Jacqui. Restorative Hatha Yoga, slow, meditative, with plenty of stretching and breathwork and meditation, Yoga Nidra too... suits any level. Drop-in class costs $15.



Every Wednesday 6.15pm-7.15pm ($8)

Our Meditation Training program has changed tack - now we will return to some of our regular sessions from last year. 
The 'Slowing Down Time' practice was the most popular - a deeply relaxing session, ideal for stress-release and anxiety, ideal for creating calm and inner quiet.

Suits all levels. No bookings req'd.
Please try to come early.



Toby has been writing and recording a full Meditation and Breath-work Training program, which is now finally available on-line for FREE. We used to sell these for $5 each, but we prefer that people have access to them for free, so that it is easier for people to try... we just want more people to meditate, more often :)

These sessions are part of an 18 part series: PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT
This is a full step-by-step easy-to-learn training of the basic and advanced principals of yogic meditation, how to understand each step of the way, and how to use simple tools to develop your mind and awareness.

Now available on iTunes, the series is also available on Spotify, GooglePodcasts, and at
Just search for "Land of Yoga" on these platforms.

Please try them. Any feedback will be welcome, thank you.



This is an ongoing study into setting up your own Meditation practice.
See how I developed my own routine, and then try your own!

MONTH ONE (January)
The beginning was simply about trying to learn new things, meditate more, open and expand myself more.
The keys were: Intention, Making of Commitment. Organising myself. Then taking Action.

MONTH TWO (February)
This month was about expanding from the original idea, into something even more exciting and more committed. The practice grew... my confidence grew... and the results boomed!

You can easily see from this 3rd month how much momentum my practice has gained. I'm doing ten times more than my original intention, which of course feels great. Now it's all about CONSOLIDATION - continuing on the pathway, going further, and sticking to the commitment with a broader view.
One thing I've become more mindful of is addressing the days where I can look back in the calendar and see a slippage... some patterns where I regularly miss practice. Then I can decide to make extra effort on these days :)

The next month will be about EXPANSION - taking things further, expanding the techniques (slower versions, longer, or more often, etc...). This is to keep the momentum growing.



Toby runs this session. This is advanced training in yoga.

Most people don't realise that their breathing is an exact reflection of their mental state. All psychological and emotional tensions directly alter the breathing. The yoga of breath-work is to unlock the unconscious mind and resolve emotional issues of the past.

We all know anxiety is linked to breathing. There are many levels to this, because all anxieties are built based upon the past experiences we have had. Breathwork is designed to create openings in our lives we have locked away. It's amazing.

Thursdays 6.15-7.15pm Drop-in sessions Cost $10

Suits all levels. No bookings required.



Meditation and Yoga practices are all about creating change, letting go of old unhealthy habits and patterns and ways of being. Experienced practitioners begin to recognise their own predictable responses (from mind and body) as they adapt to change. It's often quite funny and obvious after a while!

One very standard tendency is how the unconscious mind usually 'fights back' to reinforce its old habit. If you become more focused, more committed, to develop a new meditation technique or change of diet, a week later you may well find yourself feeling more lazy, and more tired at some point - this is when the old habit tries to reinforce/reinstate itself. It's a typical response from the body and the mind, which likes what it has become used to, and which does not necessarily want to change.

 This is the time to recognise the nature of process, and to persist. Confidence can be gained at this time. Smarts need to be applied. Continue, burn off the old trend... keep committing to the change. If we fall back at this time, we may well find ourselves back where we were - STUCK. But if we can find the will power to remain strong, committed, with a real intention to keep growing... we will certainly break through some old barriers.

This is how freedom gets created.


Create change with your diet.
If you want to move forwards into a new future, one simple trick is to add change everywhere possible, such as with your cooking and eating. Even if you added one simple change, it creates a ripple effect.

Try a new muesli, different flavour curry, maybe a new vegetable or fruit? Shift to brown rice instead of white? Brown bread instead of white? Almond milk instead of dairy?

Change is always on offer - we just have to consciously choose it. We can be the architects of our own destinies.

Being playful, trying change in little ways, really helps the larger development of the opening of our minds :)
How's your diet?


How to see yourself as you really are.
H.H The Dalai Lama


"When your mind is set in meditative equipoise you can see reality exactly as it is.

We have nothing but our present mind to accomplish this with, so we must pull the capacities of this mind together to strengthen it. A merchant engages in selling little by little, in order to accumulate a pile of money; the capacities of the mind to comprehend facts need to be drawn together and focused in the same way so that the truth can be realised in all its clarity. However, in our usual state we are distracted, like water running everywhere, scattering the innate force of mind in multiple directions, making us incapable of clear perception of the truth.

When the mind is not focused, as soon as something appears, it steals away our mind, we run first after this thought and then after that thought, fluctuating and unsteady, powerless to focus on what we want before being pulled away to something else, ready to ruin ourselves."

This great book is quite advanced, explaining the key principles of 'dependent-arising' and 'emptiness'. You can't lose with this book!




This is probably the most important pose for the average westerner to develop. Most westerners have spent their lives sitting on chairs and couches, meaning it is very hard to do this pose because we are so tight around the hips, pelvis and lower back. Kundalini Yoga shows us that the key to our lives is the base of the pelvis, and the alignment of the spine above it. Until we can sit in Lotus pose easily, we have poor posture, and the likelihood of digestive, back, neck and breathing problems.

It's easy to work on this pose - just sit cross-legged on the floor. Get off the couch, especially when watching TV. Improve it as much as you can. Give it time (it can take 20yrs to reverse poor posture).

It's so beneficial!


We have a Meditation Class every Wednesday night 6.15-7.15pm. Cost $8.

This is the place to explore more deeply the nature of our own minds, the stresses we create for ourselves, and the simple solutions connected to awareness, clarity and letting go...



Be your own doctor!!

Doctor Qu'ac


Many people might laugh at this, but I can change my body's old habits simply by using my left hand. That's right, now I brush my teeth with my left hand, cut bread, spread butter, turn taps, pick up drinks and bags and boxes...any time I recognise an automatic habit of using my right hand - something I've done for 40yrs - I now change it, and teach my brain and mind new pathways.

If you add daily meditation and breath-work, the processes of change within the mind and body will accelerate. This is also how to unlock old illnesses, skin problems, bad backs, digestive problems, and even more complex hormonal patterns, lymphatic imbalances, and nervous system complaints.

The key is to focus on change, in all ways possible. Don't just teach your mind new ways, teach your body.

Teach your brain: this is my favourite one at the moment, I'm doing lots of brain training, every day, using a range of techniques, left/right brain exercises, walking backwards, juggling, alternate nostril breathing... these will add up to a whole lot of creative energy within my brain and metabolism, giving me more energy, and new possibilities mentally.

Be your own doctor, your own health physician, your own inspiration.

To ask Doctor Qua'c a question about Illness or Injury, Email Toby.


Toby's "Path to Enlightenment"
Guided Meditation CD Series

How does the mind work? How does it affect our day, our emotions, our ability to be happy, our ability to connect? What's going on? How do we get healthy? How do we unlock our past? How do we learn to manage stress and fear and insecurity?

We just need to learn about meditation, it's tools, and its logical wisdoms. We just need to practise a new way of thinking and being. This CD course explains how.

 Each session goes for 60mins and is deeply relaxing. Each session involves simple discussion, breath practices, meditation techniques, and rest periods. There are 18 sessions in total.

Perfect for Beginners and Advanced as well, this takes one's mind to a whole new level of awareness and knowledge. Available from the centre, for free.


To download this whole course for free, search for 'Land of Yoga' on Spotify or Google Podcasts.

Path to Enlightenment


Thanks everyone.
Remember that meditation (like life) is all about LEARNING

Come on down to Land of Yoga where 7 days a week we are always practising :)


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