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February 10th 2018


We are OPEN again for 2019
and running all classes as normal :)

Wednesday Nights 6.15pm-7.15pm ($8)

Over the next few months Toby will run weekly sessions breaking down all aspects of meditation, techniques, obstacles, issues, ideas...
Starting from the beginning, basics, and building each week into expanded understandings.
Each week will have a Special Theme which will be announced through the FACEBOOK page, and our EMAIL LIST.

These sessions will suit all levels. No bookings req'd.
Come along to any of them, whenever it suits :)



Like many people, I started the year motivated to develop my yoga and meditation practice. Like many people, I'd been in this place before: starting a new year, feeling well-rested and motivated, ready to commit, keen to try some new things, keen to expand some old things.

I wanted to 'strike while the iron was hot' and not let another year go by without really committing - and most of all - TAKING ACTION.

I remembered an old trick: using a calendar. I went to a local $2 shop and bought a calendar (for $2), and started to mark in every day what special techniques I had done. "M" for Meditation (I wanted to do it morning AND night), a "Square" for Square Breathing, "ANB" for Alternate Nostril Breathing, "L" for Lotus pose...

There were lots of different tools that I knew were beneficial for my mind and health and life - I knew that simply by doing them more often I would start to see positive changes. This is a simple fact of practice: If you keep doing it, you get stuff from it.

I was very clear on the particular practices I wanted to add, to develop key areas of my mind and body. I knew where I was still limited, and where I wanted to expand. So then, it was simply a matter of doing those practices regularly, integrating them into my life, BUILDING HABITS. Simple.

Now it's February, and, looking back, I can see fantastic results from the calendar. What started to happen was an excitement: I started to get enthused to add new practices, I was really enjoying the positive benefits of what I was achieving, and my motivation was fuelled even more each time I marked on that calendar a practice I had done.

There was a real MOMENTUM of positive practice. By the end of the month I had more than doubled the practices I was doing, simply because I was enjoying so much what I was working on. Every week I'd think of new ideas, new poses, or breath techniques... it just felt so STRONG.

Now in February I'm going further :)


Every new month is a chance to start again. Every new day is a chance to start again. Every new moment is a chance to start again.



Toby runs this session. This is advanced training in yoga.

Most people don't realise that their breathing is an exact reflection of their mental state. All psychological and emotional tensions directly alter the breathing. The yoga of breath-work is to unlock the unconscious mind and resolve emotional issues of the past.

We all know anxiety is linked to breathing. There are many levels to this, because all anxieties are built based upon the past experiences we have had. Breathwork is designed to create openings in our lives we have locked away. It's amazing.

Thursdays 6.15-7.15pm Drop-in sessions Cost $10

Suits all levels. No bookings required.



We know we are really connected as a human when we pay serious attention to feeding our body properly, ALWAYS.

A healthy person is aware of everything they put in their mouth.
It's really important to think and plan and also listen to our body.
Watch how we get tired and dehydrated.
Watch how our energy drops after a sugar or caffeine surge.
The food we need to eat is important, also the food we need NOT to eat.

Things to avoid:

White sugar

Some people may take a gradual approach, bit by bit,
'improving' their diet over time.
This works (very) slowly,
but maybe we need to become truly ready first (emotionally)?

There need to be real reasons to be healthy always
and to look after the body - always.
How's your diet?




This very popular pose is so good for the back, especially if you add a twist as well. The legs wide (and straight) are crucial: it's best to imagine the pose lifts upwards from the floor. So press down with the toes and feel the strength coming up the legs. If the lower hand doesn't even touch the leg, then you really use the strength from your core and lower sides. open across the chest, extend fingertips from fingertips, look up at the hand (great for the neck). Breathe deeply, in an effortless way. A big open breath. If you can relax here and find a comfortable feeling, then you can truly enjoy it.


We have a Meditation Class every Wednesday night 6.15-7.15pm. Cost $8.

This is the place to explore more deeply the nature of our own minds, the stresses we create for ourselves, and the simple solutions connected to awareness, clarity and letting go...



Be your own doctor!!

Doctor Qu'ac

Hi Dr Qu'ac.
I've done yoga off and on at many different centres over the years but never really found a way to develop a practice at home. How can I find the motivation?  Thanks Gary.

Thanks Gary we love people sending in questions!

The key thing to make that jump from casual yoga person to really organised and motivated practitioner is to understand what this whole thing is all about. If we connect deeply with the reasons for doing it, we'll find a way to make more space for it.

So - what is this really all about? Well, I would say it's about recognising that my life will be better if my mental and physical health are better. Simple. And there's only one way to achieve such a result: Work on it!

People need to move beyond thinking yoga and meditation are for stress-release and relaxation. This is such a beginner way of thinking, and really superficial. We need to think more deeply. A bit of stress-release or relaxation will never change our life situation, never make us truly happy, never address the core problems in our lives.

On the other hand, a serious regular practice is guaranteed to produce REAL CHANGE. So it just depends what we want. Superficial cover-up, or actual freedom and positive benefits?

If my life is stressful and all over the place, full of drama and struggle, exhausting, messy, lost, depressed, or anxious - this is because my mind is messy and disorganised, unbalanced and immature. If my body is regularly exhausted, sickly, weak, addicted to stimulants like coffee, tight or sore - this is because I have been neglecting it, not listening to it, not making it a serious priority. Again, we can refer to a disorganised, messy and immature mind here.

What does real CHANGE look like?

It's when we stop and have a good think about what is realistic in our future. What do we expect if we keep neglecting our health? What can we get if we actually change and become organised - emotionally, mentally, physically? What if we start doing something as simple as 20mins a day, at home, yoga in the morning, with some meditation included? If we do this every day for 3 months, what can we expect?

Well, we'll probably feel fantastic, confident, stronger, clearer.

It's just the nature of the practice. The practice produces results. If we just do it, we get results. If we don't really do it, we won't.

Going intermittently to casual classes, at different places, usually means we are just in 'consumer' mode about this stuff. We're looking for entertainment. We're in danger of staying superficial, without connecting deeply.

Being committed is the only way to guarantee results. Become a leader in your own life! Don't let any year go by in an aimless way. Choose a path and follow it with consistency. The consistency you apply will give you the consistent strengths you want to gain.

It's up to you!

To ask Doctor Qua'c a question about Illness or Injury, Email Toby.


Toby's "Path to Enlightenment"
Guided Meditation CD Series

There's nothing more important than having mental peace. If we can come from this place, all our actions and experiences of life will be healthy and peaceful. Only then can we truly connect with each other. This Yogic meditation series teaches the knowledge that leads to a true state of inner peacefulness. It is simple and clear.

 Each session goes for 60mins and is deeply relaxing. Each session involves simple discussion, breath practices, meditation techniques, and rest periods. There are 18 sessions in total.

Perfect for Beginners and Advanced as well, this takes one's mind to a whole new level of awareness and knowledge. Available from the centre, for $35.


(Note: Each session is available individually for $5)

Path to Enlightenment


Thanks everyone.
Remember that meditation (like life) is all about LEARNING

Come on down to Land of Yoga where 7 days a week we are always practising :)


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