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December 20th 2018


We will be closed from Monday 24th December
and re-opening Thursday 10th January.

We hope you all have a good break.
Thanks for coming this year :)



It's quite common for people to be interested in yoga and meditation simply because they are trying to fix a problem - like a bad back or neck... or anxiety or depression. Yoga and meditation are marketed these ways through the media and by doctors... as a result many people find limited access to what these deep spiritual practices are actually about.

Yoga is not a quickfix for problems - it can't be. People might feel their problems are minor, and that a little bit of yoga or meditation will sort these out... but inevitably a person will discover that all of our problems - either physical or mental - are deeply-rooted. And there are no quick fixes for deep personal problems. That's because our problems come from patterns set in place over many years... often related to our childhoods.

So what is available in yoga BEYOND this simple 'quick-fix' mentality? Well, my teacher used to tell us very often: "Total Health and Happiness". And how does one access total health and happiness? Through Self-Awareness. Here's how it would look:

1 Self-awareness involves a person taking total responsibility for their emotional, mental and physical health. Yoga offers the perfect range of practices to 'tick all these boxes'. Naturally, one would have to work at this over time, every day, especially if we have neglected any of these three main areas previously.

Self-awareness means we have a knowledge of our own habitual behaviours. This means we do not fall for our initial responses to problems - such as anger, doubt, fear, aggression, or denial... because we know that these emotions have been learned and do not actually reflect our true values and nature.

3 Self-awareness includes a knowledge of the 'way we are doing things' (and why). This is so important because many people take actions every day often because they are trying to compensate for vulnerabilities and insecurities. Once we can recognise these tendencies, we can see, again, that they do not truly reflect our deepest values and nature.

4 Self-awareness saves us from the 'victim-mentality' so prevalent in modern society. It means we stop blaming other people and things for our problems. This empowers us as the active and decisive agents of our own destiny. It also makes life easier for our friends and family.

5 Self-awareness means we can make effective adjustments to any mental, emotional or physical illness we may develop. Eg: if we get sick, we know why and what to do about it.

6  Self-awareness allows us to finally reach a point of no longer being self-absorbed; then we can direct our attention outwards to be of benefit to others in society. We have gotten over our problems and become able contributors to the community.

7  Self-awareness gives us real insight into who we are and what we are here to do in this lifetime. This is a very powerful step.

 Self-awareness gives us access to understanding ourselves, and also all other humans. This is where compassion comes from.

 Self-awareness affords us the ability to prepare for our own death early, and properly. This means we might possibly die in the most beautiful and complete way.

10  Self-awareness allows us to see exactly why other people are unhappy and unhealthy - because they lack self-awareness. We can be more empathetic, but perhaps also more helpful as teachers.

11  Self-awareness gives us the knowledge that we are "Existence - Knowledge - Bliss and boundless as space". This is what Happiness and true Freedom look like :)



Toby runs this session,
with a major emphasis on deep breathing and mindfulness.
Recently, we are doing a major study in developing awareness, including eye training, listening meditation, and Zen walking.

Wednesdays 6.15-7.15pm Drop-in sessions Cost $8

Suits all levels. No bookings required.



A healthy person is aware of everything they put in their mouth.
It's really important to think and plan and also listen to our body.
Watch how we get tired and dehydrated.
Watch how our energy drops after a sugar or caffeine surge.
The food we need to eat is important, also the food we need NOT to eat.

Things to avoid:

White sugar

Some people may take a gradual approach, bit by bit,
'improving' their diet over time.
This works (very) slowly,
but maybe we need to become truly ready emotionally?

We need to find real reasons to be healthy (always)
and to look after the body - always.
How's your diet?



1) If you don't meditate every day, the results will only be superficial and short-term.
2) If you do meditate every day, your whole life and mind will change significantly.
3) If you're not really serious about change, you won't meditate every day.
4) If you are serious about change, you'll have to be onto this every day.

5) Meditation is about watching our mind and its habits. The reason it produces change is because we start to see our habits, and to check whether they are useful, positive and functional. Many of our habits are not useful, positive or functional - and cause most of our problems. This is why we start CHOOSING to change.

6) We don't have to be brilliant or good at meditating - we just need to develop it. As we practice it more and more, we learn, understand, and become clearer and more confident. It's not 'meant to be easy' - because change usually takes effort. We only make this effort if we feel unhappy or unclear or unwell. Often people start to feel a little bit better and then stop meditating every day. That's a big mistake.

6) Often once we start seeing our own habits we find them hard to face. If we are not serious about change then we will give up at this point.

7) Actually, seeing our problematic habits gives us a powerful choice: we can be sure, we can be clear, we just have to be serious about continuing. If we have courage, we can liberate ourselves. This gives great confidence. But if we prefer denial, this reduces our confidence.

8) Most of all - especially in the beginning - we just need to slow down. That's the first part of meditation: stepping away, becoming quiet and still. If we do this for even 5mins a day, it will have amazing effects within a week. If we can do 5mins morning and evening - wow, the improvement becomes rapid.

9) Meditation is not just about trying to stop thinking. It's about taking the time to focus upon what we are thinking. When we do this, we can become more in control of our mind. This will allow us to be more stable emotionally. This will allow us to be happier.

10) Once a person realises that taking 5-10mins a day is not that hard, then they will have changed their mind and life already. Once a person realises meditation gives us some mental peace and quiet, then they will realise it is a smart thing to do every day. Once a person truly understands this, they will realise it is foolish NOT to do it every day.

11) Experienced meditators have only gained experience by practising. They will have only gained skill by practising. They will have only gained happiness by practising every day.

We have a Meditation Class every Wednesday night 6.15-7.15pm. Cost $8.

This is the place to explore more deeply the nature of our own minds, the stresses we create for ourselves, and the simple solutions connected to awareness, clarity and letting go...




This will be the last chance for people to do teacher training with us here.

This training course is taught by Toby and meets the minimum requirements as set by Yoga Australia. It must take at least one year (minimum) but is more likely to take 1-2yrs, depending on your timetable.

Each trainee has their own individual training program and CAN START AT ANY TIME.

This course can be very full-on, but what can be guaranteed is a personal growth beyond all imagination. Quite frankly, a whole new life is available through this experience.

There is no need to be amazing at yoga stretching to be a good teacher; all one needs is the right intent: an interest to learn, grow, and to share.

This is about expanding oneself, becoming a completely healthy person, in mind and body... and then about offering this presence to help others.

For more info, and to read about the full course, CLICK HERE

Toby has just reduced the prices for this course significantly.
This opportunity won't sit around forever.


Toby's "Path to Enlightenment"
Guided Meditation CD Series

There's nothing more important than having mental peace. If we can come from this place, all our actions and experiences of life will be healthy and peaceful. Only then can we truly connect with each other. This Yogic meditation series teaches the knowledge that leads to a true state of inner peacefulness. It is simple and clear.

 Each session goes for 60mins and is deeply relaxing. Each session involves simple discussion, breath practices, meditation techniques, and rest periods. There are 18 sessions in total.

Perfect for Beginners and Advanced as well, this takes one's mind to a whole new level of awareness and knowledge. Available from the centre, for $35.


(Note: Each session is available individually for $5)

Path to Mental Health



Be your own doctor!!

Doctor Qu'ac

Hi Dr Quac.
I have a question regarding energy. Is it possible in a yogic sense to store and harness energy? (I thought the bandhas may have something to do with this).  If for example I am feeling very energetic on a particular day - notwithstanding the type of energy (positive or negative) - are there specific ways in yoga to hold on to or harness this power?  Also in relation to this, can yoga be helpful in turning negative energy into positive?  My yoga practice is leading me to believe that everything is energy in one way or another!  Thanks Mel.

Thanks Melanie for the question, it's a great topic!

Yoga is certainly a study in energetics - even if most westerners think it's mostly about stretching and dealing with anxiety! So perhaps this is a more advanced area, to explore the nature of energy, mental energy, physical, emotional... any energy, all energies... (especially via the breath).

Let's face it, if we take yoga to a meditation level, we are observing, noticing and learning about subtle feelings, sensations, emotions, thoughts, and reactions... and gradually as we continue to learn and understand we see more detail in things we previously missed. This is the development of 'awareness', which leads to insight and wisdom. This is how we can start seeing or understanding 'energy' in a new or expanded way.

Raja Yoga especially is designed to show us the nature of energy through time. Stopping and taking rests are the simplest ways to recognise the energy levels of our body... and then our mind... but also we begin to see energy moving in our lives, moving around us, towards us, and past us. We continue to meditate upon all this and start to notice fluctuations, rhythms, and cycles... this becomes more interesting over time. If we keep watching, we see more.

So yes Melanie -  especially through use of the 'bandhas' (energy locks) and breathwork - we can harness energy, distribute it in specific ways around our body, conserve it, expand it, and learn to feel it. This more subtle awareness takes many years. It's similar to the understandings of 'Chi' in Chinese Medicine. For beginners, it's enough to recognise that in Hatha yoga  we are balancing energy around the body, and also energising what is dull and flat. The body's cells are little energy houses which need rejuvenation stimulus daily or they will die. People who develop chronic conditions like Chronic Fatigue and Depression are clearly low on energy (ie: mental and physical). These levels can all be built up, and also restored, and taken to phenomenal levels. The breath activates this the most.

The idea of turning negative energy into positive energy is unnecessary, caught up in the obsession most people have about trying too hard to be positive and holding onto positives in their lives. All energy has balance and negative energy is natural and has nothing wrong with it, and will come and go like everything else. People who get 'stuck' in negative patterns are usually this way because of their attachment to positives and lack of trusting the negative. Better to let go of fear and control and see negatives as just part of a cycle of change.

Of course everything in the universe is nothing BUT energy, always moving and changing, taking different shapes. This energy can perhaps be harnessed, but in other ways dispersed. Holding onto energy is not really necessary - we're just better to stop being so resistant to it moving. Letting go, opening, allowing, trusting - these are clear mental habits which facilitate the most free body and mind.

Let the energy work for itself (it will anyway).
Be relaxed.

To ask Doctor Qua'c a question about Illness or Injury, Email Toby.


Thanks everyone.
Take extra care of your health

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