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why meditate?

we practice meditation to develop self-awareness

every moment of every day we are filtering our experiences through the window of our mind. in meditation we learn to recognise how the mind gets stuck, how it has habits based upon past fears and insecurities, and how these patterns affect our everyday lives.

it's about seeing what is in the way, what is causing our problems, and what solutions are available.

when we can learn to relax the mind, and open it up, we can find our whole reality changes. suddenly we can feel lighter, more positive, and see more possibilities in front of us.

there is a freedom outside of anxiety. but we must train our mind to be like this.

weekly meditation class
We have one weekly Meditation Class at Land of Yoga:
wednesday nights 6.15pm - 7.15pm.
drop-in class, cost $8.

these classes are suitable for beginners as well as any other level.
we have simple sessions, involving slow and quiet breath-work, resting, guided meditations, and the practice of many different meditation techniques.

these sessions are designed to be very relaxing, calming, and quietening. we explain how to practise, and we talk about the difficulties which inevitably come up.

there is no need to be good at this - one just needs to be interested in trying. the
practice works over time. we can all benefit from taking the time to be quiet and aware.

free meditation downloads!

toby has been writing and recording a full meditation and breath-work training program, which is now finally available on-line for free. we used to sell these for $5 each, but we prefer that people have access to them for free, so that it is easier for people to try... we just want more people to meditate, more often :)

these sessions are part of an 18 part series: path to enlightenment
this is a full step-by-step easy-to-learn training of the basic and advanced principals of yogic meditation, how to understand each step of the way, and how to use simple tools to develop your mind and awareness.

now available on itunes, the series is also available on spotify, googlepodcasts, and at anchor.com
just search for "Land of Yoga" on these platforms.

please try them. any feedback will be welcome, thank you.

meditation mentoring
private sessions with toby

if you would like to develop or expand your meditation practice - with experienced guidance - this is a personal program tailored to your timetable and needs.

 we discuss how you are going and what support or information you are looking for.

hourly sessions are $60.
to contact toby, click here
Meditation Mentor
please note:
we have 3 cats in the centre, who are very relaxed. but some people may have cat allergies, so this centre may not be suitable. apologies if that is so.
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