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special 'urban retreat'
this month: saturday june 29th
all day yoga and meditation 8.30am - 5.30pm
cost: $50 (monthlies $40)

this is a chance to deepen your practice

this program will include our normal saturday classes. people can drop in and out during the day - but for those committed to the full day, we'll tailor the whole process with lots of meditation sessions, rests, a lunch-break, zen walking, and guided relaxation.

note: the normal saturday timetable will run - people can come to one or more classes and just pay $10 per hr.

for those interested to do the whole day, we'll have a more organised approach,  mindful of taking gradual steps, building a practice, and accounting for fatigue and restoration. it should be great fun, especially doing it together as a group :)

no bookings required. just pay on the day. try it and see?

Sundays change to the sunday class

the 10am sunday 2hr class will now be considered 'advanced yoga'.
not advanced in terms of physical difficulty - just a more mature approach to the mind-based aspects of yoga.

 for years now we have had a regular group of participants, working together on our personal yoga practice. this class includes discussion, deliberate practical and theoretical learning, on a more advanced level than 'just stretching' or relaxation-type yoga. we focus on sharing our personal experience as we try to develop the tools, particularly breath-work and meditation.

this is a class for people who want to become part of a group, who want to take their practice to a new level. it's not about zoning out or drifting off. in this class we are focused on personal and spiritual development - and engaging.
all are welcome and we'd love new members to join our close group :)
suits any level
10am - 12
cost $15

carmela's classes

carmela teaches the following sessions:

mon, wed, fri 9.30am
tues 6.15pm and 7.30pm
sun 8.30am

thursday breath class

toby runs this session. this is advanced training in yoga.

most people don't realise that their breathing is an exact reflection of their mental state. all psychological and emotional tensions directly alter the breathing. the yoga of breath-work is to unlock the unconscious mind and resolve emotional issues of the past.

we all know anxiety is linked to breathing. there are many levels to this, because all anxieties are built based upon the past experiences we have had. breathwork is designed to create openings in our lives we have locked away. it's also one of the fastest ways to unlock illness.

thursdays 6.15-7.15pm drop-in sessions cost $10

suits all levels. no bookings required.

free meditation downloads!

toby has been writing and recording a full meditation and breath-work training program, which is now finally available on-line for free. we used to sell these for $5 each, but we prefer that people have access to them for free, so that it is easier for people to try... we just want more people to meditate, more often :)

these sessions are part of an 18 part series: "path to enlightenment"
this is a full step-by-step easy-to-learn training of the basic and advanced principals of yogic meditation, how to understand each step of the way, and how to use simple tools to develop your mind and awareness.

now available on itunes, the series is also available on spotify, googlepodcasts, and at anchor.com
just search for "Land of Yoga" on these platforms.

please try them. any feedback will be welcome, thank you.

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