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land of yoga is a centre for health, with a strong meditative approach. husband and wife toby and carmela teach approximately half the program each - and have slightly different styles.

the main aim for all our classes is to slow down and breathe well, to cultivate deep awareness and connection in mind and body. 

our yoga classes involve plenty of stretching and breathing - in a non-push way. we encourage people to be light and relaxed, and to never force the body beyond its readiness. we look to build strength and health over time, as the practice naturally develops.

our classes are different every day, depending on who is there, the weather, and the feeling of the group.

our beginner classes have simple practices that most people can attempt or work on, with a focus on slowing down and becoming more relaxed. our general classes usually have slightly more difficult practices/poses and suit more experienced people.

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toby teaches the wednesday meditation session (6.15pm), with a strong focus upon mindfulness and breathwork, and the new thursday breath class (6.15pm), with a full study in breath training. he also runs the sunday 2hr class (10am). this includes a full range of techniques:
relaxation, stretching, breathwork, meditation, and philosophy discussions.

toby also offers yoga counselling, dealing with solutions to a wide range of health conditions, mental stresses, injuries, etc... To learn more, click here.

carmela's classes have a deliberate mindfulness focus - she teaches the mon, wed and fri 9.30am classes, sun 8.30am class, and both tuesday evening classes (6.15 general, 7.30 beginners).

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please note:
we have 3 cats in the centre, who are very relaxed. but some people may have cat allergies, so this centre may not be suitable. apologies if that is so.
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phone: 0432 921 818